Feb, 2013

These are fun! Yet another video by Allard.

This shot ended up on the cover. More new work soon!

Feb, 2013

Fun behind the scenes video by ATfocus media.

Click on the photo below to check out some images of R3hab


Nov, 2012

Behind the scenes snaps of the shoot with Randy & Nikki. Loads of fun. Check out the full series here.

Jun, 2012

..on my new website!

I’ve been looking forward to this moment. My brand new website done by the amazing Pim Meelhuysen. Hi fives for him to infinity and beyond. I’ll be sharing my Fashion/Lifestyle work on this website. Click ‘Recent’ to view my latest work or go to ‘Work’ to see it all.

Here’s one shot I did for Ferry Magazine.

Full on feature will be posted soon.
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